American Curl

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Kop Vorm, formaat, profiel en kin (15) Snuit (5) 20 Witte langharige American Curl, odd-eyed
foto © Alan Robinson
Oren Matte van krulling (10)
Vorm en formaat, beharing (10) Plaatsing ( 10)
Ogen Vorm en formaat 5
Lichaam Vorm, formaat, botstructuur (5) Torso, nek (10)
Poten en voeten (5)
Staart (5)
Vacht Kwaliteit en structuur 15
Conditie   5
FIFe rasstandaard
ALGEMEEN Uiterlijk The distinct feature of the American Curl Shorthair is their attractive, uniquely curled ears. Curls are well balanced, moderately muscled, svelte rather than massive in built. They are alert, active, with gentle, even dispositions.
Formaat Medium.
KOP Vorm Modified wedge without flat planes, moderately longer than wide, smooth transitions.
Formaat Medium in proportion to body.
Snuit Rounded with gentle transitions, no pronounced whisker break.
Kin Firm, in line with nose and upper lip.
Profiel Nose moderate in length and straight, slight rise from bottom of eyes to forehead, gentle curve to top of head, flowing into neck, without a break.
OREN Vorm Wide at base and open, curving back in smooth arc when viewed from front and rear. Tips rounded and flexible. Furnishings desirable.
Krulhoek Minimum 90 degree arc of curl, not to exceed 180 degrees. Firm cartilage from ear base to at least 1/3 of height.
Formaat Moderately large.
Plaatsing Erect, set equally on top and side of head.
OGEN Vorm Moderately large, walnut, oval on top and round on bottom, set on slight angle between base of ear and tip of nose one eye width apart.
Kleur Clear, brilliant, no relation to coat colour except blue eyes required in himalayan colour varieties.
NEK   Graceful.
LICHAAM Torso vorm Medium in size. Length one and-half times height at shoulder, medium depth of chest and flank.
Bespiering Moderate strength and tone, flexible.
POTEN   Length medium in proportion to the body, set straight when viewed from front or rear, medium boning.
Voeten Medium and rounded.
STAART   Flexible, wide at base, tapering, equal to body length.
Beharing Korthaar Same length as body coat.
Langhaar Full and plumed.
VACHT Structuur Korthaar Short, soft, silky, laying flat, resilient without a plush dense feel. Minimal undercoat.
Langhaar Semi-long, fine, silky, laying flat. Minimal undercoat.
Kleur All colour varieties and patterns are permitted.
OPMERKINGEN   When Curls are alert with ears swiveled toward front, lines following curve of ear through tips should point to center of base of skull.
FOUTEN Kop stipSiamese type.
Neus stipDeep nose break.
Ogen stipSmall.

stipLow set.
stipAbrupt change of direction without smooth curve.
stipPinch, horizontal or vertical crimp.
stipInterior surface which appears corrugated.


stipTubular or cobby.
stipExcessive size.

Vacht Korthaar stipHeavy undercoat.
stipCoarse texture.
stipDense or plush coat.
  Langhaar stipHeavy ruff.
stipCoarse or cottony texture.

stipExtreme curl in adult where the tip of the ear
touches back of ear or head.
stipStraight or severely mismatched ears.
stipThick or calcified ears.
stipLack of firm cartilage in base of ear.